My year in numbers … and questions — 2020

This article has the following background: I had a train-day ahead of me – from Potsdam to Frankfurt am Main and back. In the first intercity the bord bistro did not work and therefore I was forced to contemplate half-awake about my life instead of working efficiently. My thoughts wandered off consistent with the date, December 29th toan end-of-the-year review which transformed quickly into ‘my year in numbers’.

In Frankfurt I met a good friend for lunch and she was highly enthusiastic about my compilation, so I decided it might be worth being posted. Voilà.

The year wasn’t easy. For anybody. In this context, I hope my sense of humor in the list will be understood.

The list could give the impression that my year was sensational – first and foremost professionally. The professional list mainly showed me how much got canceled due to Covid-19. Humor is the best way out here.

And maybe the one or the other person remarks that nevertheless a lot happened – indeed.

The year 2020

How many coffee have I had?

The heart (romantic relationships)

New aquaintances:

Reappearances from the last years:

Of which dates:

Kissed of both groups:

Of which liked very much:

Of which painfully missed:

Or (missed) others?

Private life:

Train journeys in the dark:

Days I meditated:

Days I told myself to start yoga:

Books read:

Of which good ones:

Really amazing movies evenings/cinema evenings:

How many cities?

How many countries?

How often at the sea?

How many great new people crossed my way?

Other meaningful encounters?

Weird acquaintances I like to displace from my memory:

Professional life:

Written application letters:

Of which initially applied out of passion by defining myself my favorite working position:

Job interviews:

Acquired jobs:

Side jobs:

Gardening jobs:

Subcontracted jobs:

University teaching positions:

How many social-media channels did I learn and opened for myself?

How many of them do I approve?

How many do I ‘feed’?

How many do I enjoy and deem as worthy spending my time with?

Written articles?

Published articles?

Podcasts (provided):

Podcasts (done):

Podcasts (published):



Canceled readings (due to Covid-19 – what else?):

Read books for work?

Professionally watched movies:

Professional crises – emotional crises related to job issues respectively:

Happy New Year – don’t think about 2020 anymore.Tomorrow is a new year

Veröffentlicht von Christine Heybl

Ich habe zum Thema 'Klimagerechtigkeit' promoviert, Hauptfach Philosophie, Nebenfach Biologie. Ziel war es zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit, herauszuarbeiten, dass durch den Klimawandel Menschenrechtsverletzungen entstehen und wir daher die Verpflichtung haben, in allen Bereichen der Gesellschaft eine nachhaltige, ökologisch-vertretbare Lebensweise einzuführen, die die Menschenrechte aller Individuen sowohl heute als auch in Zukunft möglich macht und schützt. Ich bin sehr Nachhaltigkeitsthemen interessiert, zurzeit v.a. an nachhaltigem Konsum, organischer Landwirtschaft und Permakultur.

Ein Kommentar zu “My year in numbers … and questions — 2020

  1. „I was forced to contemplate half-awake about my life instead of working efficiently“

    This made me laugh at first and then I paused, realizing this is what most people all over the world are experiencing under covid19.

    Gefällt 1 Person

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