What are transition towns?

This is a slightly different version of one part of my book: ‚Kant und das Klima‘. If you like the post and you’re able to read in German, you’ll find more of these kind of stories in the full book. Figure it out: https://www.punktum-buecher.de/Kant/ Acting in a climate- and environmentally friendly manner provokes joyful encounters.„What are transition towns?“ weiterlesen

How To Make Terra Preta and Biochar

This is a documentation explaining an approach to produce ‘Terra Preta‘or ‘biochar’ as a private person on a small scale. Backstory: When I decided to try to make biochar on my own, I had the wonderful opportunity to do so while working on the well-equipped permaculture farm ‘Hidden Creek’ in Santa Cruz, led by the„How To Make Terra Preta and Biochar“ weiterlesen

Die Natur und Ihre Wunder

Our nature is our future

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