Where is the hub?

I have already worked in climate protection in various institutions – at university, in companies, in NGOs, in administration. Everywhere, and in our society as a whole, the question always seems to arise as to where the hub is to finally get climate protection off the ground, to implement it! Is this eye of the„Where is the hub?“ weiterlesen

For anyone who is interested in climate mitigation ideas and philosophy

This blog is going to be a bit experimental, so don’t be surprised about the wild mix of topics. I write about whatever comes to my mind, whatever crossed my way and/or what I consider important. A big focus will be on climate mitigation which I’m specialized in and would like to concentrate on permaculture„For anyone who is interested in climate mitigation ideas and philosophy“ weiterlesen

Food-life extension

This first article is inspired by a very good student presentation at the Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germany and an article from the Greenpeace magazine (Jan/Feb 2020). To all eco-interested people; this is not surreptitious advertising: I can very much recommend the Greenpeace magazine as well as the conference week at the Leuphana University in„Food-life extension“ weiterlesen

In addition to the last article – a couple of left-over recipes to use up your food

The classic: ’French Toast‘ The bread is hard as stone? It’s not sliceable/bitable/eatable anymore? → soak it in milk and eggs, spice it up with herbs of Provence, salt, pepper and whatever you like Leave it for half a day and fry it– yummy! 2. The fruits have brown spots and the apples are a„In addition to the last article – a couple of left-over recipes to use up your food“ weiterlesen

How To Make Terra Preta and Biochar

This is a documentation explaining an approach to produce ‘Terra Preta‘or ‘biochar’ as a private person on a small scale. Backstory: When I decided to try to make biochar on my own, I had the wonderful opportunity to do so while working on the well-equipped permaculture farm ‘Hidden Creek’ in Santa Cruz, led by the„How To Make Terra Preta and Biochar“ weiterlesen


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