For anyone who is interested in climate mitigation ideas and philosophy

This blog is going to be a bit experimental, so don’t be surprised about the wild mix of topics. I write about whatever comes to my mind, whatever crossed my way and/or what I consider important.

A big focus will be on climate mitigation which Im specialized in and would like to concentrate on permaculture – the most beautiful approach I got to know so far. But here as well, there will be no chronological order. Another reason for this is that I would like to offer exciting stuff /posts/articles for those who are not that interested in organic agriculture.

I already wrote a lot in my life – written exams in philosophy about Sartre’s existentialism, the Hegelian concept of ‘world spirit’ and Immanuel Kant’s understanding of living beings. The last one impressed me the most and was easily combinable with my other study subject: biology.

This concluded in my dissertation about ‘climate justice’ with the title: ‘Climate change. Why we have the responsibility to implement just solutions and why we don’t do it!’. In addition, I wrote a humorous book filled with everyday stories in the context of individual climate mitigation efforts: ‘Kant and the climate’.

The goal of the book is to explain the reasons why we do not act against this complex issue, e.g. the time delay, the enormous spatial dimension and on so on and by this to show understanding for non-actors and for everybody who is feeling guilty about not living climate-friendly enough. Moreover, for every phenomenon, the book offers daily life examples that have the potential to motivate the reader to find easy and pleasant ways to be more climate-friendly, e.g. by gardening, which also relates to the phenomenon of time delay.

I’m going to provide links for both of these works in this blog. My PhD thesis is open source and can be read online, both are currently still only available in German.

Let’s see! Please join my journey – I’m happy to get feedback on whatever disturbed you/ you liked/evoked your interest/made you feel enthusiastic about the future and so on.

Have fun with the articles.

Veröffentlicht von Christine Heybl

Ich habe zum Thema 'Klimagerechtigkeit' promoviert, Hauptfach Philosophie, Nebenfach Biologie. Ziel war es zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit, herauszuarbeiten, dass durch den Klimawandel Menschenrechtsverletzungen entstehen und wir daher die Verpflichtung haben, in allen Bereichen der Gesellschaft eine nachhaltige, ökologisch-vertretbare Lebensweise einzuführen, die die Menschenrechte aller Individuen sowohl heute als auch in Zukunft möglich macht und schützt. Ich bin sehr Nachhaltigkeitsthemen interessiert, zurzeit v.a. an nachhaltigem Konsum, organischer Landwirtschaft und Permakultur.

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